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Reinvent Your Real
Estate Business.

  • Receive expert guidance.
  • Increase your income streams.
  • Grow your revenue.



Agent Insider

  • Hang your license for a monthly fee
  • Leads available for purchase

Brand Ambassador Insider

  • No monthly fee
  • No lead purchase fee

The ADH Difference

Perks & Benefits

High-Quality Leads
If marketing is not your thing, get a steady stream of quality clients—at an affordable rate.
Ocean View Office
Reserve space at our beautiful San Diego office, complete with gorgeous views and a fully stocked kitchen.
World-Class Mentorship
Learn from experts who have sold hundreds of millions of dollars in residential and commercial property.

Creative Branding

Access design professionals who understand real estate and can set you apart in a crowded market.
Additional Income Streams

Expand Your Business.


Add A Loan Originator To Your Team.

By growing your team’s expertise, you can increase your revenue. We’ll connect you to an experienced MLO to operate under your brand.


Invest In Real Estate.

We offer diverse investment opportunities for accredited and non-accredited investors through our parent company, United Legacy

Raise Capital.

Earn investment commission by partnering with United Legacy and referring real estate investors to back projects we have sourced.

Refer Loan Clients.

Send clients to American Mortgage Bank to explore loans. We’ve set up a legally vetted process to pay your MLO a commission or send you a marketing fee.


Grow Your Skill Set

We believe in encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and creating opportunities for people to grow.

Whether you want to try commercial real estate, get licensed as a loan originator, or create your own unique opportunity, we’ll help you gain the expertise you need to succeed.